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SP7 is Asia’s most trusted Crypto Online Casino because we offer the finest online security to our valued players. We assure that our players are safe to participate in SP7. We have years of experience in the iGaming business and can demonstrate our dependability. SP7 casino has the most crypto casino games to suit your every taste: live casino, slot games, sportsbook, and fish shooting games, among others.

Live Casino

If you are a gamer searching for the trusted crypto online casino games and exciting experience, SP7 is just what you need. Our USDT live casino platform offers several categories of games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Sicbo, Andar Bahar and Teen Patti etc. Provided by the best live casino games providers like Pragmatic Play, AE Sexy, XPro Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Big Gaming, and so many more.

Fishing Games

Our online fishing games are of the highest quality, simple to play, and have graphics that are beautifully created to highlight the themes of each game. Fishing games, whether produced by Pragmatic Play or World Match, are enjoyable, may be quite lucrative, and are undoubtedly growing in popularity among young people.

Sports Betting

In addition to providing our players with the opportunity to monitor the progress of their wagers, we also provide live online betting on sports events. The betting on sports offered by SP7 encompasses a wide variety of categories such as basketball, tennis, and football, amongst others.

Online Slot Games

Playing online crypto slots is the most fascinating activity at SP7. It is also one of the most pleasurable and secure pastimes. Fans of crypto slot games have an incredible opportunity to win big when they place a bet with USDT/BUSD. In order for players to win large or score a jackpot in the finest crypto slots offered by SP7, they do not need to have extensive gaming expertise. You only need a little bit of strategy and some luck to win.


There are salient features to look out for when choosing a  Biggest & Trusted Online Casino.


Security and Safety

The SP7 online casino platform as well as the mobile app pose no threat to the safety or security of our customers. We included features that are resistant to hacking attempts by any hacktivist, including require a two-factor authentication and are encrypted using 128-bit keys. As a result, our customers who play at our site may have peace of mind knowing that it is completely above board and above the law.


Payment Methods

When it comes to conducting business on our platform, you can have peace of mind knowing that both the deposits and withdrawals will be processed quickly and securely. There are no time restrictions or limitations placed on the transaction, so it can take place whenever convenient. SP7 accepts deposits in the form of crypto money, as USDT and BUSD, and there are no additional fees associated with any of the transactions, and they are all finished fast within a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are the world leading crypto casino that offers hundreds of games to your own liking. By using blockchain technology, we were able to create a safe environment that gives our players a peace of mind.

We are a group of online gaming industry giants that pooled their resources to create an online crypto casino that mitigates the risk of old-fashioned casinos. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, we were able to make all of our transactions transparent, secure and tamper-proof. By utilizing this technology, we can provide a safe gambling experience to our users and help us make our branding as the most trusted online crypto casino.

Well, this is the currency of the future. If you want to stay ahead, enter this brave new digital era by playing at our USDT / BUSD Casino. If you are new to USDT / BUSD, you might be wondering what makes it so safe and how does this work. Well, that’s thanks to a fascinating tool used for crypto, the blockchain, which is an incredible piece of technology that promises safe, secure, and fast transactions.

Thanks to it, you’ll have any kind of cryptocurrency in your crypto casino account in seconds, and even faster withdrawals. You share less information, there are no banks involved, and you don’t have to enter your bank information for every single deposit you wish to make. Every crypto transaction processed via the blockchain is safe and secure. Many people are now choosing cryptocurrency over fiat currency, the reason is that USDT and many of the other cryptocurrencies have become more stable, and available in different markets.

We at SP7 Crypto Casino accepts USDT / BUSD as we see the benefits for our customers. We are proud to say that SP7 Crypto Casino is one of the best among all other crypto casinos out there. What sets us apart? Well, SP7 only accepts crypto for transactions. We have the newest crypto games, all kinds of bells and whistles, a great support team, and an excellent loyalty system. Now that you can wager in USDT / BUSD in SP7. Crypto Casino makes wagering a lot more fun and exciting than before.

The Complete Guide to the Best Crypto Online Casino Site

The Best Online Casino for Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Cryptocurrency can go up and down according to market conditions, but you should not depend your whole investment on this alone. Take an active control of your crypto assets and utilize it for other purposes that can increase your wealth. One of it is by using those assets at crypto gambling sites or crypto casinos.

Crypto gambling is a new and exciting way to gamble online. Similar with online casino games but differs in technology, crypto gambling is a form of gambling that uses cryptocurrencies as the currency. The best crypto casino sites will always have provably fair games for their players.

Due to the popularity of cryptocurrency, there are more and more crypto casinos being built on the internet. This provides an avenue for avid cryptocurrency users to try their luck and skills in casino games.

The best crypto casinos are those that offer the best odds, bonuses, and security for players, like SP7. Not only that it offers a huge games library with the best games, SP7 also has the most reliable and secure place to do any transactions, as well as the most competitive odds and players in the crypto casinos industry.

As you might have guessed, crypto gambling is a relatively new trend these days. Crypto has not been around for more than 15 years but technology that comes with has revolutionized and disrupt things that are otherwise hard to change, like decentralized finance and decentralized crypto online casino site.

These casino sites have been around for less than 3 or 4 years. However, it has already taken over the online gambling industry like a storm. The reason for this is that crypto gambling offers players more benefits than traditional online gambling does.

How to Find the Best Online Crypto Casino for You

Crypto gambling sites are growing in popularity everywhere in the world. This is especially great during a bear market where crypto prices are not moving much. Going to crypto gambling sites and playing some casino games can be a great way to earn more rather than just holding your crypto in your wallet. If you’re a crypto enthusiast, you’ll want to find the best crypto casino for you.

There are not many crypto casinos around. This is mainly because of the strict regulations imposed by the government. However, there are always popular crypto casino that can be accessed using VPN. This makes it easier to compare which one’s the best.

The easiest way to find the best cryptocurrency casino is by looking at their games, bonuses, and security measures. You should also look at their reputation and how long they’ve been in business.

Extensive List of Crypto Casino Games in Library

The first step to decide which crypto casino to go to is by looking at the game library. Does it have all the games that you like? Live casinoSports betting? e-sports betting? Crypto slot machines? A robust game library is usually seen by the customer as evidence that the casino cares about them. The variety of games provided also means that you can try almost any type of games that you want.

Every top crypto casino site will have at least two or three game providers as partners. This is a good indicator of a strong relationship between the crypto casino site and the industry.

Generous Bonuses for New and Old Players

Similar to normal online casinos, bonuses can be the key item that makes the casino the best place to go to.

Getting welcome bonuses after sign-up or after your first deposit means you will be able to access the casino and play without having to spend a lot of money. Different crypto online casinos provide different bonuses. They may include free cash, match deposit bonus, free spins, and much more.

Other than cash reward, the best crypto casino sites will also offer welcome bonus in the form of free spins and reload bonus.

The games that you should be looking forward to are video poker, live casino, sports betting, slot games, dice games, and poker games. Crypto poker is a really popular choice for the experienced as well as the newbies online gambling players.

Security Is the Best Policy

In crypto, security is something that determines life and death. Once your seed phrase is known to another person, your assets can be easily stolen. This is why security has to be the top priority in determining the best crypto casino to go to.

Deposits and withdrawals must be done using own personal devices only, not from using public computers or another person’s mobile device. You must also check that the payment methods provided by the online crypto casinos are certified and legitimate to prevent scam attempts.

If you need to connect your wallet or transfer your assets into the casino crypto wallet, always make sure that you do the things below:

  1. Check if the crypto casino has a lot of good and genuine reviews. You can easily check this by going into Twitter and write the crypto casino name into search. Twitter is the best place to check because it is the main communication channel being used by crypto enthusiasts and crypto casino companies.

  2. Check if the team behind the crypto casino is legitimate. Have they done other crypto projects before? Tons of people have tried to get a crypto casino up and running, but you can tell at a glance if they’re legit or not. Managing a crypto casino is very different compared to traditional casinos. This is a good litmus test for who the team behind the project is.

  3. Check if they have hired crypto contracts auditor to audit their crypto casino smart contracts. Hacks are very common in crypto and the most dangerous one is the smart contract hack. This is because it can steal assets from a lot of wallets at the same time. Always go to online crypto casino that has been audited by the best in the industry.

  4. Lastly, you should find online casino sites that have an operational customer support. This can be a lifesaver if you are having problems with your deposit money, bank transfers, or withdrawing your winnings. If you are a VIP to top crypto casino platforms, you will even have a dedicated customer support that can help you with all your needs.

Based on our study, among the best crypto casinos that ticks all the criteria above are SP7. It has a provably fair USDT online casino and BUSD online casino that also have live dealer games that are trending all around the world.

How to Gamble with USDT or BUSD at a SP7 Cryptocurrency Casino?

The online gambling industry has been a major player in the internet economy, and it is only getting bigger as more and more players start betting. Now that cryptocurrencies are fast becoming one of the branches of the gambling industry, it is very likely that the online gambling industry will continue the flourish for the future. Innovations has always been the key to the advances in online crypto casino technologies.

USDT Online Casinos - Fast and Fun

USDT online casino is the next type of online cryptocurrency casino that is worth mentioning. The cryptocurrency market is one of the most profitable and fastest-growing industries in the world and the innovations has created USDT. USDT is a type of cryptocurrency that has a stable value and that will allow you to interact with other people without worrying that the price will fail. This has led to a surge in the number of USDT crypto casinos on the internet.

The USDT is a standard ERC-20 token that is built on Ethereum. This allows it to connect seamlessly with other tokens and smart contracts, as well as collaborate with other Ethereum based projects. Because of this, USDT crypto casinos can has a very different gameplay based on the technology being used.

To make it simple, there can be two types of USDT online casinos:

Centralized USDT Online Casino

This type of crypto casino is perhaps the one most closest to traditional online casinos. Before you can start playing, you will need to fund your game wallet before you can start gambling your hearts out. This is very different compared to the next type of USDT online casino.

Decentralized USDT Online Casino

As the name implies, decentralized USDT online casino utilizes the functions of smart contracts in Ethereum network or other networks like Tron and Monero. Usually, a decentralized USDT online casino will not require you to create a game wallet. All you need to do is connect your Metamask or other crypto web wallets to the website and you are good to go! This is very convenient because you don’t have to move your funds from one wallet to another.

The two types of USDT online casinos above have their own strengths and weaknesses. At SP7, we put our customer’s safety and security as the top priority. Because the latter is more susceptible to hacks and exploits, SP7 has a centralized USDT online casino for their customers, as like most crypto casinos. Even though customers need to do the extra step of funding their own game wallets, the risk on customer’s side is greatly reduce because user can avoid connecting to a malicious or phishing websites that can drain their crypto wallets.

Choose Your Favorite Crypto Gambling Site and Start Playing Now!

SP7 is a very popular crypto casino, and it has a lot of deposit bonus offers to be picked up by new and old crypto casino players. Not only that, but the extensive casino game library is also good too. You can never have too many online casino games. The perks that you can get by signing up with SP7 are reload bonuses, welcome bonus, and deposit bonuses.

SP7 is also an advocate to a healthy gaming and gambling experience. This is why we also provide free gambling addiction resources that can help players to manage their mental and physical health. This separates SP7 to other online casinos! Enjoy your stay at SP7 casino and you will never be bored again!